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    “I change myself, I change the world.” –Gloria Anzuldua

    My Personal Experience & Review of the Raw Food Diet Plan
    by Michele Marie Jeppson
    Super Raw Life Magazine

    I went into Target to buy a pair of jeans for a photo shoot, I was looking for the US size 26/28. To my dismay, they did not have those sizes. The largest size they went up to was a size 24. After three stores I decided to ask the woman working at the counter what the largest size they went up to was and she said a 24. She proceeded to explain to me that recently, the size charts were restructured; I mean that in a literal sense. Not only over time are we getting heavier, but they have changed the jean sizes to help mask the fact. The old 26 is now a 24 the old 6 a size 4.

    With so many fast meals at our fingers tips, many diets and procedures offer a quick solution. I have lost over 130 pounds through natural diet and exercise. Of which 72 pounds I lost in 75 days on a 100% raw food diet. We all have the ability to heal ourselves naturally. What reason are you looking for change? Well, for some reason you ran across the term Raw Food Diet. It can change your life, it changed mine. I love raw vegan recipes, there is something so empowering about eating raw.

    Not only did I lose a lot of weight eating this way, I changed internally as well. In order to truly change and heal on the outside you need to change and heal on the inside; a total transformation internally and externally. With a 100% Raw Vegan Diet you eat only Fruits, Vegetable, Nuts and Legumes. Don’t let the, eat only raw foods inhibit you. There is a whole vibrant world ready to awaken all of your senses if you let it. The key is to not heat anything above 118 degrees. It is based on the studies that with Raw Food the enzymes are still intact. When you heat food above 118 degree it kills the enzymes.

    In order for our bodies to properly digest the food, we need the enzymes that exist within all foods in their natural state. There are a lot of healthy recipes, which are cooked. When you cook raw food and kill the enzymes your body still needs the enzymes to properly digest the food you just consumed. That is why after eating cooked food you normally feel relaxed. Your body actually just depleted the enzymes and nutrients needed for the digestive process of the food you just ate.

    That was the one part that took me a while to explain. Internally from eating raw I felt differently than I had ever felt before. Yes, on the outside my body was changing through a raw food diet. Within the first 21 days eating an all raw food diet I lost 23 1/2 pounds naturally and I could see the difference from eating a raw food diet. Internally I was so alive and full of energy. When you get done eating raw, you are left feeling refreshed and energized.

    I encourage you to try a raw food diet. Do not let the word diet inhibit you. For weight loss change to be long term you need to find a lifestyle that works for you. Raw Food Diet worked for me, and continues to work for millions of people. There are endless possibilities for raw vegan diet food recipes. As long as you can emulate the taste and the texture of the recipes you enjoy you can stick to your new diet, once you have eaten this way for a couple weeks you will start to break your old eating habits and your taste buds will change.

    So that is my experience using the raw food diet plan. If you have a review or experience similar to mine please contact me and share it!

    Try eating a raw food diet. Whether it is for one meal, one week, 30 days or a lifetime, you will feel a difference and your body will thank you for eating healthy raw recipes!