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    “I change myself, I change the world.” –Gloria Anzuldua

    Amber Shea Crawley

    April Ross

    Barbara Shevkun(Rawfully Tempting)

    Beverly Dunford

    Natural Body Detoxification pg 9-10 Issue #3

    Sleep Tips pg 17-20 Issue #4

    Using a Personal Power Pillowcase as a Chakra Balancing Color Therapy Session pg 11-15 Issue #3

    Brian James Lucas aka Chef BeLive

    Brian Yonce

    A new lease on life pg 55-56Issue #3

    Dr. Christy Fergusson PhD aka ‘The Food Psychologist’

    Learning to be comfortable in your own skin:  How to address eczema naturally pg 43-46 Issue #3

    Corinne Rice

    The Life Blood pg 21-28 Issue #3


    Greek Salad

    The Fruit Loop Aftermath

    Tomato Basil Bisque Soup

    Dark Chocolate Orange Parfet Chocolate-orange pudding

    Ginger-berry popsicles

    Turning Back Time pg 5-10 Issue #4


    Daphne’s favorite blender soup recipe

    Crystal Hutchens

    Dawn Houghton

    Raw Alchemy-food for your soul pg 21-30 Issue #4


    “Chef Elle” Jones’

    Are You Tired Yet?  Dozing on Diabetes pg. 49-54 Issue #3


    Diabetes Types I & II -a.k.a. “High Sugar Low” Smoothie

    Kidney Cleanse – a.k.a. “Waste Not” Smoothie

    High Blood Pressure – a.k.a. “Lower the Beat” Smoothie

    Four Winds Growers

    Gabriele Agustini

    pg 46-47Issue #3

    Helen Hooper

    Living the Simple Life – Our journey in Bessie continues pg 41-42 Issue #3

    Jane Karuschkat

    Jaqui Karr

    John McCabe

    Kaci Christian

    Marie-Claire Hermans

    Michele Marie Jeppson

    Raw Transformation pg 3-7 Issue #3


    Raw Peanut Butter Cup Shake

    -Super Raw Life Sustainable Tips

       The Value in a Stone or Pit, How to Plant our own avocado tree pg 16 Issue #3

    Michelle Lynn Batterman aka Raw Fitness Goddess

    Raw Fitness Goddess pg 17-20 Issue #3

    Mila Ilina

    Natalie Wheeler

    Overcoming Emotional Eating Through Raw Foods pg 29-32 Issue #3


    Raw Brownies

    Olive Aguas

    Pia Gron

    Pure Joy Culinary Academy

    Rory Reiss

    Sarah Ince

    Serena Gilmore

    Sharon LuVisi

    Sherif Kamal

    Q & A

    Taunya Gren

    “The Threshold”, transitioning to a green film production pg 58-67 Issue #3

    Tess Masters aka ‘The Blender Girl’

    Recipes: pg 33-40 Issue #3

    Raw Vegan Kale Chips

    Raw Vegan Red Cabbage Salad

    Raw Vegan Chocolate Fruit Balls

    Mango Coconut Bliss Smoothie

    William C. Tufts