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    “I change myself, I change the world.” –Gloria Anzuldua

    Amber Shea Crawley
    April Ross
    Beau Stine
    Betsy Bragg
    Beverly Dunford
    Brian James Lucas(Chef BeLive)
    Dr. Christy Fergusson PhD
    Corinne Rice
    Craig B. Sommers
    Crystal Hutchens
    Emma Coutie MacDougall
    Erskien Lenier
    Four Winds Growers
    Gabriele Agustini
    Hal Elrod
    Helen Hooper
    James M. Dyer
    Jane Karuschkat
    John McCabe
    Kaci Christian
    Karen Ranzi
    Karine Ionesco
    Koya Webb
    Kristen Suzanne
    Lola Berry
    Marie-Claire Hermans
    Michele Marie Jeppson
    Michelle Lynn Battermann
    Mila Ilina
    Natalie Wheeler
    Olive Aguas
    Philip McCluskey
    Pure Joy Culinary Academy
    Rory Reiss
    Sarah Ince
    Serena Gilmore
    Sharon LuVisi
    Sharon Shiner
    Star Khechara
    Tess Masters
    Tina Jo Stephens
    William C. Tufts