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    “I change myself, I change the world.” –Gloria Anzuldua

    Super Raw Life Magazine is a natural raw vegan healthy lifestyle publication which is available to subscribe and download for free quarterly, click here to have instant access to our current and previous issues. Super Raw Life Magazine is available in Print Edition starting shipment with our Fall 2012 Edition. Click here to purchase your print subscription. Our intention is to help inspire internationally one reader at a time showcasing the raw food diet or as we like to refer to it: ‘the raw food lifestyle’ streamlined with a wide variety of knowledge from people who are contributing to the raw food community and enthusiasts who are making a difference in the world by inspiring people to transform their lifestyles, bodies and communities naturally.

    What others are saying about Super Raw Life Magazine:

    “I absolutely love SUPER RAW LIFE. It’s a beautifully done and inspiring magazine! I decided to give the raw lifestyle a try after reading your very first issue. Thank you! You’ve been such a positive influence in my life. And when you consider how much more productive and energetic I am (and illness free) since doing the Super Raw Life 100 Day Challenge…I’m certain this lifestyle is going to save me money in the long run. And add a few productive years to my life” – Richard Dutcher, Director

    “I really think you’re doing a fantastic job with your magazine and I’m really proud to be apart of it.”–Chef Tina Jo

    “I think your magazine content is fantastic and should be in print!!!!! In my opinion, it has more interesting and important articles than other mags in print! You’re doing an awesome job!!!”–Brandi Franzman

    “I had not heard of your magazine before, and am super excited that there is finally a decent raw lifestyle magazine that showcases the raw food lifestyle streamlined across a variety of people contributing to the raw food community and enthusiasts and making a difference in the world by inspiring others to live a healthy natural holistic lifetsyle!”–Michelle Battermann