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    “I change myself, I change the world.” –Gloria Anzuldua

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    Super Raw Life Magazine supports natural raw vegan living; it’s available for subscription, shipped right to your door and also as a free quarterly download at superrawlife.com.

    We intend to inspire you, one reader at a time, internationally and even globally, by showcasing the raw food diet, or as we like to refer to it, the raw food lifestyle. Our magazine is streamlined with variety broad scope of knowledge from people contributing to the raw food community and enthusiasts who are making a difference in the world by inspiring people to transform their bodies, their lives, and their communities—naturally.

    In Super Raw Life, you’ll find articles on how to live a healthy raw vegan lifestyle, dieting and weight loss, the raw food diet, yoga, holistic healing, the importance of a positive mindset, eco-initiative filmmaking, Green Film Production, and natural food diet transformations. We’ll provide you with the tools to carry out these lofty goals, with raw vegan recipes, weight loss workouts, strength training and balance routines, and many other topics that inspire and empower people to transform their lives, all based on a natural raw vegan diet and healthy lifestyle.

    Testimonials“I absolutely love Super Raw Life. It’s a beautifully done and inspiring magazine! I decided to give the raw lifestyle a try after reading your very first issue. Thank you! You’ve been such a positive influence in my life. And when you consider how much more productive and energetic I am (and illness free) since doing the Super Raw Life 100 Day Challenge…I’m certain this lifestyle is going to save me money in the long run.”-Richard Dutcher, Director

    Raw Food Diet:

    What began as a 21-day cleanse for Super Raw Life Magazine Founder, Michele Marie Jeppson, turned into a high raw vegan lifestyle and the loss of 72 pounds in 75 days, naturally.  Super Raw Life Magazine was born out of Micheles passion to share the healing and transformative powers raw foods hold.

    Michele always resented the word diet, it seemed so harsh and restrictive. She associated the word diet with pain, loss, lack of food, and hunger. As an emotional eater, this was a very touchy subject for Michele. Food was the one place she found comfort, where she felt safe and protected. It took her years to let go, and honestly, is still something she is learning to master. The times that she eats 100% raw food diet are the times she feel most empowered and alive.

    The Webster dictionary defines diet as

    1. Food and drink considered in terms of composition and effects on health.

    2. A particular selection of food, as for losing weight.

    3. Anything habitually partaken of.

    Emotional eating had become a habitual way of life for Michele. Following a natural food diet allowed her to change old and destructive habits into new and supportive ones. ”That which we persist in doing becomes easier; not that the nature of the thing has changed, but our power to do it has increased.” Find something that feels good to you, something that resonates with your inner being, and do what it takes to keep that feeling!

    There is no right or wrong, no one way to happiness, health, and wealth. You have the power within yourself to live with
    integrity; just take the time to feel and to listen. Your body is your best teacher. We encourage you to take time every day to read, to learn and gain knowledge. Apply the principles that resonate within, and from there, your personal transformation awaits!

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